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Women Who Ran For President

The history of women running for President in the United States that spans close to 150 years, though the first woman to run for President did not yet have the right to vote — and wouldn’t earn it for another 50 years. Barry expertly shares insight into the lives of thirty-six women who would change the course of history. A perfect presentation for women’s groups, Women’s History Month, and student groups.

Twists and Turns Along Party Lines: The History of the American Political Party System

In this informative yet humorous discussion, Barry traces the origins of the modern two-party system from the beginnings of political parties in the 1790s through the twists and turns that make up today’s political climate.

Finding Balance in the Bias: The History of Political Debate in America

Presidential debates have often been a mixture of throwing spitballs and curveballs while each candidate simultaneously extols their own virtues and the opposing candidate’s vices. Learn which candidates got the last line and which ones had the last laugh.

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