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1861 The Civil War Year By Year – Reflections On Amercia’s Deadliest War

February 26 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

1860 1861 The Civil War At 150

1860 & 1861 The Civil War Year By Year

The Declaration Of Independence stated “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal…” The Civil War tested whether or not we really meant it. In 1860 and 1861 the Civil War began.

1861 The Civil WarThis exciting four week series will trace the history of the Civil War. In 1860, our nation faced one of the most crucial elections in our history.  Four great candidates stood for office.  The only real issue was slavery.  Today we see the practice of kidnapping human beings and holding them against their will as abhorrent.  In 1860, the economy and social structure of an entire region of the United States was built on the premise that kidnapping and bondage were acceptable means of making money.  Our four week series begins with an in depth look at the Lincoln Douglas debates of 1858, the election of 1860, and the secession of  the Confederate States.

In 1861 the Civil War really began.  We saw American citizens in revolt against the Bull Run BattlefieldConstitution while holding millions of people against their will.  We saw personal tragedies unfold as the tender hearted Abraham Lincoln saw the body of the first American patriot killed by the rebels brought back to Washington DC.  The body was that of Elmer Ellsworth.  He was a close friend of Lincoln’s. The death of Elmer Ellsworth represents the personal nature of this deadly fight.

People happily brought picnic baskets to watch the First Battle Of Bull Run unfold.  By the end of the battle, America knew was was not glamorous and victory would be difficult. Among the topics to be covered are the election of 1860, the secession of the terrorist groups and the first year of the Civil War.

We will explore how in 1861 the Civil War began a great test of America’s moral purpose, military strength and future direction began.

Today the battlefields of the Civil War are quiet.

1861 The Civil War - Bull Run

We will see how they were the sites of the greatest struggle in American history.



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