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Sam Giancana – Master Of The Mob, Murderer Of JFK?

February 14, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Forget Al Capone.

Capone ran the Chicago Outfit brutally and very publicly for just a couple of years before being sent to prison on income tax charges. Tony Accordo and Paul Rccca ran the Outfit until 1957 when they turned over day to day control to Sam “Momo” Giancana.

More Powerful Than Capone

Sam Giancana would rise to a position much, much more powerful than the thuggish Capone ever dreamt of becoming. Giancana feuded with Robert Kennedy as he became the CIA liaison with the Mob. Unlike Capone,Sam Giancana vastly expanded the operations of the Chicago Outfit into Las Vegas, into California and became the most powerful Mafia leader in the country. He was connected to JFK through Peter Lawford and Frank Sinatra. According to a number of histories, he and John F. Kennedy actually shared a mistress in common! Some believe Sam Giancana was behind the murder of JFK. And just before he was set to testify under oath before the Senate, Sam Giancana was murdered in his home. A home that was under FBI surveillance and “guarded by the police!


When the CIA planned to assassinate Fidel Castro, the called on Sam Giancana to Giancana
oversee the job. While the complicated and unlawful plot failed, the implications were clear.  The CIA was working closely with the most important and influential Mafia leader in the USA. J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI only learned of the plot because they were tapping Giancana’s phone and watching him 24/7!



Giancana and McGuireGiancana carried on a very public romance with super popular,squeaky clean, all-American girl Phyllis McGuire, whom the FBI bugged. He consorted with Marilyn Monroe (some say he caused her death) and other famous women.  The stories are perplexing and fascinating. You will not want to miss this one of a kind multimedia presentation.


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