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I Love PBJ: Finding Personal Power in Persistence, Balance and Joy

The “secret to success” is no secret – we already have all the knowledge we need to live the lives we desire. In “I Love PBJ,” I share how harmony, diversity and individual responsibility can transform our lives and the world. We can all make contributions far beyond even our own expectations. In this acclaimed motivational talk, I show participants how to use knowledge, experience, personal motivation and power to be agents of positive change. In this humorous, dynamic and inspiring presentation, audience members learn to improve communication through relationship-building strategies while using problem-solving skills to increase productivity. This nationally acclaimed program will have participants laughing, interacting, thinking and motivated to live their best lives.

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Rewriting History: What You Can Learn from Individuals Who Changed History

History is being written at the speed of light. Sometimes it takes one individual standing at a turning point in time to be the catalyst for change. Learn about ordinary people who changed the course of history and how you can become empowered to create change.

Barry Bradford - Motivational Speaker - Presenting to an audience

Agents for Change: Every Movement Starts with a Mission

I challenge each person to become an agent of change – both personally and within their organizations. In this powerful presentation, I illustrate how to combine the things you are passionate about with the causes you embrace to map out your personal mission for success.

Additional Talks

Here are some additional talks I have given in the past – find one that will work for you or contact me with your specific request.

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