Barry Bradford On National TV

Frank SInatraBarry Bradford on National TV

I have exciting news! On Saturday night August 5, Barry Bradford will be seen as a guest historian in a nationally broadcast documentary on the controversial and incomparable Frank Sinatra!

You and your friends can watch me as guest historian on The Saturday August 5 at 10ET/9PT on Reelz Channel. This week it’s all about Frank Sinatra! If you would like more information about the program, please click here.


If your cable or satellite system does not offer the REELZ network, I will update this page if the program is viewable on line. Kitty Kelley is a celebrity gossip columnist and author. I have no idea how the finished product will look, but the producers and crew who conducted my interview were great! I enjoyed telling the story of how Sinatra helped integrate Las Vegas,

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4 thoughts on “Barry Bradford On National TV

  1. It was a great program to watch and I think you did a splendid job detailing other bits within Kitty Kelley’s book that I hadn’t really known about Sinatra.

    • Yaseen,

      Thank you for the positive feedback! I tend to emphasize the positive and I think that served to balance some of Kitty Kelley’s views.

      I will be on again in a few weeks speaking about Princess Diana!


  2. Mr. Bradford,

    I looked you up after seeing the show. As a Sinatra fan, I appreciate your insights, especially the story about how Frank helped integrate Vegas. Kitty Kelly hated Frank and she was negative in every comment. I’m glad they had you on for balance!

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